Mingmei Yip: Chinese Children's Favorite Stories

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Mingmei Yip

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Mingmei entertaining children

from Xinjiang, the famous

Silk Road in China


                         Mingmei’s new and second children’s book

          Grandma Panda's China Storybook

             -  Legends, Traditions, and Fun!

                                 Tuttle Publishing

                          Grandma Panda is in the New York Times!

Grandma Panda is a wonderful teacher, a wonderful storyteller—and a wonderful cook! Her grandchildren Baobao and Lingling love staying with her every summer, because at Grandma Panda's house each day is an adventure. This summer, with the help of celebrated novelist and artist Mingmei Yip, Grandma will take them to a world filled with Chinese calligraphy, kites, kung fu and more!

Along the way, they'll get to hear Grandma's stories of a time long ago in China, when everything began. Bright watercolor illustrations make favorite legends—like the tale of Mulan, the woman warrior, and of Luban, the inventor of the kite come alive. Come join Grandma Panda, Baobao and Lingling for a summer of fun and learning!

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Chinese Children's Favorite Stories

Tuttle Publishing


In this book, the playful Monkey King turns heaven upside down, the Moon Goddess takes immortality pills and flies to live in the moon, and a frog who lives in a small well thinks his well is the whole world. Other unforgettable stories include the undying love of the Cow Herd and Spinning Girl, the wisdom and compassion of the Fish Basket Goddess, and the courage of the good ghost. In this book, altogether 13 traditional Chinese stories are re-told by Mingmei Yip, accompanied by her 64 full-color illustrations.

Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories has become a ...bestseller with 30,000 copies sold.


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Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

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Reviews and Praise

Book List: “Like fables, these tales have morsels of wisdom to impart, and almost all have a close connection with the natural world. Explanations of cultural elements are nicely incorporated into the text, such as the qin, a musical instrument. Yip's writing is clear and accessible to children, and the bright pastel illustrations are appealing. An attractive addition for larger collections.” Robin L. Gibson, formerly at Perry County District Library, New Lexington, OH

School Library Journal:

These 13 stories feature talking animals, a ghost catcher, a trickster fox, the River Dragon King, and the mischievous monkey Wu Kong, as well as cowherds, scholars, musicians, and emperors. Some tales have morals; others explain customs or traditions….The art has a traditional Chinese look, with conventional landscapes, animals, and roly-poly, cherubic children. A small ghost peeks out from the binding after one ghost story. Children will be drawn by the

abundant colorful illustrations and the short, straightforward retellings. Linda Perkins

Harvard Book Store:

This volume of beloved Chinese stories contains a delightful selection from the rich store of Chinese folklore and legend. Discover the many delightful animal characters as well as Chang-E, the famous Eight Immortals, and Guan Yin, goddess of compassion. Retold for an international audience, the beautifully illustrated stories will give children aged six to ten a glimpse into both the tradition and culture of China.

Some Amazon readers’ reviews:

 Something I'd want to have for my own collection, Jennifer Timmons, August 17, 2007

Mingmei Yip is an excellent writer--very engaging. And her illustrations are very colorful and eye-catching as well. I was looking for books to introduce Chinese culture to my young nieces, nephews, and cousins, and I can definitely recommend this one. I couldn't put it down myself, late one night! I had checked out a slew of books from the library, but only some met my criteria of excellent writing and good pictures. Some had one or the other: this one had BOTH. I don't give anything I wouldn't want myself...I sure wish I had this when I was growing up! Adults can enjoy this, too.

*****Beautiful Tales for Children and Adults, L. Graham, June 28, 2007

 I buy a lot of books for my daughter about many different cultures and this is one of our favorites. Well written and entertaining for adults and children. L. Graham, June 28, 2007

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