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Mingmei Yip


4-17-12 Interview by RTBook:http://lwtheauthorshideaway.blogspot.com/2013/04/rtconvention-exclusive.html

Potomatic blogtalk radio interview, Click here to listen: http://rastous.podomatic.com/entry/2012-08-26T14_16_46-07_00

4-7-13:Singtao Daily News on my MOCA’s Qingming Festival storytelling, click here to read article

Singtao Daily News on my children’s musical Fish Jumping over the Dragon Gate, 3-19-13:

Singtao Daily News on my talk Skeleton Women and Woman Spy in China, 12-3-12, click here to read article:

Hong Kong University book event 2-7-13 http://evideo.lib.hku.hk/play.php?

TV Interview by Zita Christian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UJBpJHt_TI

Petals from the Sky, 2010





Peach Blossom Pavilion in the Media, 2008

Feb. 21 Singtao Daily News (San Francisco Branch), featured article Feb. 20 World Journal (San Francisco Branch), featured article

Feb. 19, San Francisco Chronicle, media coverage

Feb. 3, Epoch Times, featured article

Jan. 25, New York Daily News, media coverage

Jan amNew York, media coverage

New York Post, featured article


May 20 tues. Asian American Press, featured interview.

June 6, World Journal, Weekly Magazine featured interview.

June 9, Sing Tao Daily News, featured interview.

June 10, tues. 6:30 pm LMB Davidson Productions, TV interview, Long Island

June 11, 6:30 pm live Radio Interview, WGBB Tonight, LMB Davidson Productions.  

June 23 Mon. WRXP Frequency, live Radio Interview, New York City

June 28, Sing Tao Daily News, media coverage

June 29, World Journal, media coverage

July Asiance Magazine, media coverage

July 10 WCPN FM National Radio, Cleveland

July 10-16 Cleveland Scene, featured interview

July 23, Eire Journal, featured interview

Aug 1, 1:00 pm, KPFA-FM, live Radio Interview, San Francisco

Aug 4, 1:00 pm, KRCB, “A Novel Idea,” I will be interviewed for an hour to talk about Chinese Courtesan culture and Peach Blossom Pavilion, Sonoma County, Northern California.

WNYC-AM Leonard Lopate Show, Radio, New York City  (date to be announced)

Aug. 22 Fri. 12:45am, Singtao Daily News Radio Station, San Francisco, featured interview of Mingmei Yip and Peach Blossom Pavilion.

http://jodihenley.blogspot.com/2009/09/mingmei-yip-and-peach-blossom-pavilion.html  (9-16-09)

please click to read interview

http://tinyurl.com/MingmeiYipUH  (8-9-09)

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