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Mingmei Yip

Song Of The Silk Road

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Song of the Silk Road is a romantic adventure on China's fabled route and the Go-In-But-Never-Come-Out Taklamakan Desert with the lure of a three million dollar reward.


Surprising and often funny. Part epic, part coming-of-age story, part modern fairy tale. Publisher's Weekly

Flawless! perfectly written, unique and enthralling. Book Examiner

In addition to love, danger and adventure in China's Taklamakan Desert, Yip enjoys writing a story on other levels that go beyond the physical with "metaphysical, spiritual, even shamanistic" elements. -- Asian American Press

Both achingly modern and hauntingly ancient Yip's gentle style and forthright tale are a captivating combination and make the journey well worthwhile. January Magazine

I honestly have no idea where to begin with this review, because I loved this book sooooooo much, I'm having trouble putting it into words. Mingmei Yip has an absolutely enchanting way of writing. I almost feel like I'm being lulled into a trance, a very rich and wonderful trance you are absolutely riveted to the page. Usually, when I am loving a book, I fly right through it, but with Song of the Silk Road, I slowed way down and savored it for about a week. -- The Book Buff

Told in vivid first-person language.. Yip's writing brings a charmingly bitter post-colonial edge to Lily's morally complex character. The descriptions of desert and mountain landscapes are breath-taking, and so are her colourful evocations of downscale, rural Chinese hotels and hospitals. This is an adventure story in the best sense, with humour, romance, suspense and tragedy. Once you get started on Song of the Silk Road, you're not going anywhere for a good while. -- Stratford Public Library, May 9, 2011

It has insane resonance (I could hardly sleep the night I finished it because I kept thinking about it) the pacing is great, there are some really great twists throughout and the imagery of the setting the book conjures in your mind is just fabulous. ---Thebookbuff

The book did keep me intrigued and parts were very emotionally provocative and moving.Yip's poetic descriptions kept me reading and enchanted. -- stilettostorytime

Fascinating array of cultures and scenery, peppered with all manner of anthropological and ethnographic delights: religious customs, herbal healing, philosophy and ideology, and more. truly fascinating insights --

Informative and entertaining, unusual story has an interesting twist at the end. -- Bookbirddog

It's just beautiful Peeking Between the Pages

Mingmei Yip does write her characters well, very realistic and I truly enjoyed exploring the various locations along the Silk Road. Yip brings the sights, sounds and smells of China to life. I truly enjoyed these sections of the

I highly enjoyed this, it was a fantastic book, a phenomenal read.

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